Questions when buying a condo

  •         What is included in the condominium fee? Are utilities, hazard insurance premiums, or real estate taxes paid directly by homeowners or are they included in the condo fee? Is there on-site property management?

  •         Is parking deeded and/or assigned? Are there spaces for visitors? How many parking spaces are provided for the unit you want to purchase? Can spaces be purchased?

  •         How are officers elected to the condo board or HOA? How frequently are elections held? What are the qualifications to run for office? How long do officers serve? Are there term limits?

  •         What kinds of modifications to the unit are allowed? Is there a committee that reviews and approves changes?

  •         Is it possible to talk to some owners in the community or building? What is it like living there: for example, is maintenance handled well? Is there much turnover? Are there concerns about noise levels or other problems?

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